Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Linux Hosting or Windows Hosting? Which is Perfect for your website?

There are various hosting platforms, but Linux and windows are among most popular hosting platforms. If you don’t have any idea about the hosting servers and its usability, then it is suggested to consult the expert and learn how to choose a hosting server for your website.
Both  Windows and Linux the servers have their own advantages and limitations, let us explore and compare both the platform and decide wisely.

Comparison of Linux and Windows hosting on a common scale


One of the biggest advantages that Linux offer to its users is its low cost. Linux support server and desktop applications, including FTP, DNS server, file Server and web server. Linux runs on open source, so you don’t have to pay any license fee to use. Due to its relatively cheap cost, bloggers and budding entrepreneurs prefer Linux hosting over the Windows hosting server. The cost of the windows server is higher in comparison to Linux hosting. You have to pay more for the windows server hosting.


Here Windows server scores a higher point.  The windows server supports various application frameworks and scripting languages. Primarily designed to support Microsoft ASP and .NET, but it can successfully integrate different scripts and applications like Ruby and PHP as well.
Windows based hosting is more suitable for complex web sites. If the websites have particular Windows software, requisite, like support for MySQL databases and .NET & ASP scripting languages then Windows hosting is the only solution for you.

How to decide which hosting server is suitable for your website?

It is hard to define which hosting plan is more popular among the masses. Both these hosting platforms offer great proficiency. It is not the features of the hosting server that decide which plan one should use, but it is the technical requirement of a website that helps in determining which hosting plan one should choose.

Here is a checklist of few common questions that would help you in deciding right hosting plan for your website.

Does your website require Microsoft technology?

If your website uses  technologies designed by Microsoft like ASP, .net Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, then Windows hosting is the solution for you. Though you can find other hosting servers supporting windows features, but for flawless and smooth performance it is suggested to use Windows hosting plan for a website that uses or has the intention to use Microsoft features in near future.

Does  your website  need open source technology for the smooth running of a website?

If you have a website that uses PHP, Perl or MySQL database, then the Linux Hosting server is a right choice for you. If you want to run them under windows server then you have to modify the script and this may interrupt the performance of a website.


It is your website’s technical requirement that helps in choosing a hosting plan, for the simple and less complicated website, Linux is the ideal hosting solution whereas for heavy business websites windows hosting server are more apt.

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